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We are a loving family who know their Father God. We enjoy releasing the supernatural Kingdom of Christ by the power and fullness of the Holy Spirit. Our heart is to restore the reality of the Body of Christ, impacting every church and believer, and bringing new life to the community and the nation.

Our mission is to release everyone both to live the full and happy life that Jesus has for them, and to do the ministry that God is individually calling them into. With God, we will free people to live as disciples of Jesus, as Christ’s witnesses to the world, as unique members of God’s family and as highly effective leaders.

Together, through a revolution of love, we will equip others to live for the Kingdom of God. All members will serve God according to their natural gifts and talents, and by the supernatural power, gifts, fruits and ministries of the Holy Spirit.

We will achieve this through the leadership of the Holy Spirit, by knowing and applying the word of God, by creative witnessing, and through all kinds of prayer. The world will know us by our love, our passion, our unity, our freedom and our joy.

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